Weekend reflection: What you focus on gets bigger and bigger

We arrived in South Africa just more than a week ago and we still enjoy every moment!
At the moment Krugersdorp is our base, but we have already been to Pretoria, Harties, Bloemfontein, Wesselsbron and Parys.

Especially Bloemfontein was special to me (it helped that the Boks drew!). My godparents have lived in Bloemfontein all these years and so we visited there regularly. Also, I have been at the Kovsie Campus for six years and often had fun shifting pot plants permanently… (some people would call it stealing) or raiding and “singing about” women’s’ residences.

And oh, another thing… I can’t think of campus security (Parkers) without smiling. Have you ever wondered where I first heard “laat die wiele rol”?!!

It was very special for the children to see the Women’s Monument – certainly one of the darkest episodes in the Afrikaner saga. Especially my son’s remark afterwards spoke volumes: “It was nice but sad”.

I was reminded once again that you could choose on what you focus. And more importantly: What you focus on gets bigger and bigger. That is one of the reasons why I don’t watch the news or read a newspaper too often.

I know South Africa has many difficult challenges and I do not bury my head in the sand for one moment or shoot my mouth off with mindless comments. Indeed, that is why I started Klipkouers Podcast… a little medicine for the pain. But here are some good things I’ve noticed again over the past week and which I choose to focus on:

* The hospitality and openness of the people around me
* A massive blue sky and hot weather
* Delicious boerekos
* A place where Jesus Christ is not a cuss word
* World-class Afrikaans schools
* Going barefoot
* Braai – everywhere and always

Do your focus points put a smile on your face?

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