The Wanderers Rugby Club alleges racial abuse after fixture ends in fisticuffs

An under 21 fixture between the Wanderers and Rooderpoort rugby clubs last Wednesday, ended in a brawl when one set of players took exception to the use of the K-word directed at their black players during the match.

The game ended 26-21 in favour of Rooderpoort, but their opponents were not satisfied in the manner in which it was handled, citing hostility from the referee, the players and the crowd in attendance.

According to the Wanderers Rugby Club’s report on the incident, Rooderport players, as well as the supporters, used the racial slur and referred to black players as “development players” as a way to undermine their merit.

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In a post shared on Facebook, Wanderers say their players shared the sentiments that the referee was being confrontational when dealing with them and was “showing prejudice”.

According to the incident report, things turned physical at the end of the match, when a Rooderpoort player allegedly slapped a black Wanderers player and proceeded to call another the K-word.

“This was followed by Rooderpoort players, coaches and parents running onto the field to push and punch Wanderers players,” the report reads.

“The above mentioned player’s father assaulted our coach by punching him on the face, and kicking him when he was on the ground.”

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Wanderers also called on the Golden Lions Rugby Union, which both clubs fall under to mediate on the matter and act decisively, as it “does nothing to attract more people to the game”.

“This is a Constitutional Rights issue and we hope that as affiliates of the Golden Lions Rugby Union, the governing body will handle this matter with teh appropriate level of urgency and firmness,” they continued.

The club also called on those with photos and videos of the incident to come forward in order to identify the alleged instigators.

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